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I’m Kirsten the creative soul behind all this madness. I can’t wait to learn more about you but first here’s so more information about me.

Here’s (almost) everything you need to know about me.

I’ve pursued many passions as a career including carpentry, personal training, graphic design, engineering, and the list grows longer. Amidst all these fleeting interests, two things have always remained a constant. My desire to create and an unconditional love of animals; especially horses. Some other things about me:


  • Trick riding and Vaulting are two of the disciplines I’ve competed in and performed
  • I currently ride Dressage and I’m loving it
  • I was in Equestrian 4-H for about ten years in two states
  • I’m in love with my best friend who happens to be a kick-a$$ bodybuilder
  • My brindle tiger dog, Kona, goes everywhere with me
  • I love reading! Check out my insta-story to see my current favorites
  • I have a girly side but I’m most comfortable in leggings, muck boots and a t-shirt
  • My favorite bands include AWOLNATION, Bastille, Alt-J and Twenty One Pilots
  • I have a serious addiction to popcorn

Photos courtesy of Jessica Dugener Photography

My portfolio is a compilation of images that my previous clients now enjoy on the walls of their home.
I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as they do.

Horse & Rider

Equine Portraiture



Before the Session

You have a lot of things to plan before your session and I promise to help you with it. If you live in Mecklenburg, Cabarrus or Union county I will treat you to your choice of coffee, ice cream or a good ol’ donut. If you live outside of these counties no sweat, we will meet through Skype or Facetime to make preparations for your session. During our meeting, we will talk about what to expect during your session, what date works best for you and any other questions you may have. You will also receive a “what to wear” guide for yourself and a grooming guide for your horse.

The day of your session

The day of your session is all about you! I will get to your barn early to find places with the best lighting and backdrop then when you and your horse are ready I will take you through a series of guided poses and movements. A lifetime of horse experience and our pre-session meeting allow for the best results possible. After we are done shooting expect hugs and a social media preview photo within 48 hours of your shoot!


Get excited because this part is my favorite. I love seeing the looks on all of your faces when you see the results from out shoot. At our pre-session meeting, we will schedule your in-person reveal date during which you will have the opportunity to see all the carefully edited pieces of art from our shoot and order any digitals or prints.

After you’ve seen your images I will write a blog post about our time together and a few highlight shot. I will also send your order to my professional printing lab, It will take 2-3 weeks to recieve and ship your order.

Why Your Equine Sale Photos Shouldn’t be Taken with a Cell Phone

Selling a horse can be a long and complicated process and I totally get that taking or finding photos is one small step out of many. That said I PROMISE buyers will be WAY more likely to consider your horse if you put forth the effort and have your sale photos taken...
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Jennifer Flowers Dressage at Full Circle Farm

I recently asked a friend where I should go to photograph talented dressage horses and she said Jennifer would be an awesome person for me to meet. Full circle farm was lovely beyond words and I hope to have more opportunities to shoot there in the future. Below is a...
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Kaley Crosby | Horse and Rider

Kaley and Anka are a unique pair that came together completely by accident. Her mother went to see a completely different horse and stumbled upon Anka. Kaley has worked hard to understand Anka’s unique personality and Anka has rewarded her by trying her heart...
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Dusti Hausman | Horse and Rider

I have a special place in my heart for athletes on horse-back. Vaulting is a sport making a comeback and I’ll always be thrilled to help share the beauty that is gymnastics on horseback. Vaulting requires speed and balance; strength and precision. Most of all it...
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Photo Trade With Jessica Dugener Photography

A few weeks ago I reached out to Jessica Dugener who’s work I had seen mainly on facebook to do a “photo trade” of sorts. The agreement was you show up at my place take some shots of me trying my best not to look awkward then I’ll reciprocate...
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