Kaley Crosby | Horse and Rider

Kaley and Anka are a unique pair that came together completely by accident. Her mother went to see a completely different horse and stumbled upon Anka. Kaley has worked hard to understand Anka’s unique personality and Anka has rewarded her by trying her heart out in the eventing world. The two began their eventing journey in 2015 and within their first year of competing, they qualified for the 2016 American Eventing Championships. After completing at AEC’s Kaley successfully moved up to the novice level.

She has sadly outgrown Anka and is looking for her next partner to continue kicking A$$ and jumping all the things. I’ve wanted to shoot with this pair since the day I saw the Deathly Hallows symbol clipped onto her ponies haunches at a show. (That was a Harry Potter reference for those of you who aren’t nerds like us.)

Thanks for a good time Cyndi and Kaley; you both are kick-a$$ equestrian babes!