Three lessons I’ve learned from 2017

I know it sounds cliche but WOW did 2017 go by in a blur. In this post I’ll go over what went right, what went wrong, and what my plan for 2018 is.


Exciting things that happened in 2017

I have a nasty habit of only seeing the downsides and letting the good things go by without acknowledging them, so I’m going to start by listing the goals I achieved.

  • I shot my first show and it went awesome! Thanks Rivendale Farm for having me out not one but TWICE to document the amazing dressage horses and riders. It was very clear to me that everyone involved spent a lot of time preparing to give the judges the best test possible.
  • My Equine Portraiture sessions were on FIRE and I had the opportunity to shoot so many lovely horses.
  • I launched a new website with so many new features!


Things I could have done better in 2017

I am FAR from perfect and as business increased I noticed a few things I need to put some serious time and effort into improving. Here’s just a few:

  • Communicating faster and more efficiently with people excited to work with me. Sometimes when I don’t know how to answer a question I have a bad habit of procrastinating. In 2018 I’ve signed up for  Dubsado A ridiculously cool business management suite that has some seriously powerful email features.
  • Shoot MORE! Side gigs help me pay the bills and they are unfortunately necessary at this point in my life but letting them keep me from what I love is LAME.
  • Workflow, workflow, workflow. If you know me then you know my head is always in 10 different places at once. To be honest; I wrote this bullet point immediately after getting distracted by Pinterest. It’s pretty clear I need work on staying in one lane.


2018 is going to be the BEST YEAR YET for KNL Photo.

We kicked off 2018 with a trip to Mexico and there are many more events planned that I know will be life-changing for me! I’ll be getting married to the man of my dream (October 6th here we come), spending WAY more time in the saddle and cutting down on side hustles. My business will have a few changes as well. Here just a few of them.

  • Pricing will be way less confusing thanks to the new forms I’ll be using in Dubsado. Email me at if you’d like to see exactly what my new options are.
  • I’ll be shooting my first solo wedding in March and several engagements! I love working with horses (I know, I know you’re shocked) but I am also a sucker for a cute love story. I’m excited (and a little scared) to be adding this to my list of services.
  • Styled shoots are in my future! If your a make-up artist, florist, jeweler, or other trade interested in working me in exchange for some bomb-a$$ high-quality photos of what you offer, shoot me an e-mail.


A few of my favorites

Without further adieu, here are a few of my favorite shots from 2017. Spoiler alert not all of them are horses! If you have a favorite leave a comment!



Thank you to EVERYONE and Happy New Year!

Leave a comment if you have any suggestions for me!


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