Hey You! I’m Kirsten.
A photographer and lover of everything equine.

If your weekends are spent in pastures, arenas, or stalls then...

I’m your girl.

Let’s be real. Nothing about the equestrian lifestyle can be understood from the outside looking in. Have you ever tried to explain the difference between a bridle and a halter to your friend who “Once rode a pony at a fair.” Or maybe you’ve had to explain why walking behind a horse with a screaming child is a poor idea. Or just maybe you were unfortunate enough to have to explain how to clean a gelding’s sheath. While it is definitely entertaining to have our non-equestrian friends around the barn they will never really understand why you spend so much time around the big smelly beasts. I understand and I want to document your passion for you.

I’ve always envied riders who were born into “equestrian families” however I wouldn’t give up my crazy adventure into this lifestyle for anything. I started riding at age five in Huntsville Alabama at the lesson barn outside of our neighborhood. To this day my nick-name is finger painted in royal blue on the wall in the grooming stall. When we moved to Oregon my mom received an email regarding an older quarter horse who was in need of a few kids to give her as much love and affection as possible. Sweetie was nineteen when we drove to Idaho with a rented trailer to pick her up. Fast forward a few years and my dad received notice that the company he worked for would be moving him to the southeast.

By now Sweetie was part of our family. She was on our christmas cards, my mom scheduled her pedicures around Sweeties and My sister and I regularly competed in 4-h shows. So my dad found a durable trailer and traded in the van for a suburban and we hauled Sweetie from Portland, Oregon all the way too Asheville, North Carolina.

In Asheville my sister and I entered an essay contest to win an American Quarter Horse foal. We didn’t win the foal but the breeding farm gave us an extra special deal on a two-year-old buckskin. Sunny and I have had countless adventures together and we are bound to have much more in the future.

I have no doubt that your path has been equally as exhilarating and full of memories. I can’t wait to hear more about it.

I'd love to know more about you!